Final Notes: Suisei no Gargantia

Year: April 7, 2013 - June 30, 2013 | Directed by: Kazuya Murata
Episodes : 13 | Written by: Gen Urobuchi and Kazuya Murata
Studio: Production I.G. | Roundup Rating: A

I have no qualms about our world looking like this in the near future if I based it solely on the news I've been reading everyday. As I've stated on my 'First Look' Suisei no Gargantia has some elements of Water World and Star Wars. But only on the surface. This is a much different story.

There were episodes that I loved and episodes that turned me off, particularly the famous chapters 5 and 6 -- it didn't work for me and I think they were a waste. However, Urobuchi's visionary talent always sees it through, maybe not with a blast, but with a satisfying end. Actually, maybe I'm one of the rare few who prefers the nihilism on Gen's writing -- to the point of missing that side of him on Gargantia. But I think it wasn't lost here, maybe he wind it down a little for a change. So I'm glad that in the last episodes I was able to get that touch of Gen here and there.

Gargantia is a fascinating series. It made me sad how human beings can easily give up their humanity for the sake of survival. That's how I see it with the creation of the Hideauze. I can also see in the series how humans can be ruthless creatures, who are prone easily to corruption and manipulation without questioning their authority just for the sake of, again...survival. But their curiosity makes them move forward and it's with that same curious behavior their humanity can be improve and be regain.

Most of the hits and misses of this series --aside from that bothersome episode 5 and 6 -- has to do with the characters. The only one that I was able to understand fully is Chamber, and he is an AI mecha. Ledo and the entire Gargantian fleet was saved because of him. Maybe it can be true in the future that AI's will be more human than human when it comes to reason because they are not made to have lapses in judgment unlike us. Our ability to observe is faulty because we only see what we want to see and then we ignore the rest that doesn't strike as interesting. They, on the other hand, were created to observe everything about us human beings, they are objective and we are subjective. So yes, Chamber is the savior and the star of this show, and kudos to his voice actor Sugita Tomakazu for his unbelievable performance. (P.S. Everytime I hear Chamber I am reminded of Switch from Sket Dance, or maybe it's the other way around).

Additional final notes goes as well to the ED song by Choucho. I don't really like the OP so I'll dismiss that one right away. Music should always represent the anime rather than just something fun to listen to because if you cannot connect the song to the story then it's nothing but a piece of accessory. However, the lyrics for the ED "Sora To Kimi No Message" embodies perfectly the story between Ledo and Amy. And yes the closure between them two is a little vague, but I think it's already a given that they are special for each other, maybe not as lovers but surely more than friends. After all, Ledo is just on his way to discovering his full potential as a human and what it means to live like one.

So before I end this final note I'll leave it with an old quote that rings true with this series and it goes like this, "life is always about the journey and not the destination."

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