Final Notes: Hataraku Maou-sama!

Year: April 14, 2013 - June 27, 2013 | Directed by: Naoto Hosoda  
Episodes: 13 | Written by: Masahiro Yokotani | Based on the LN by: Satoshi Wagahara
Studio: White Fox | Roundup Rating: A

It is clear that I love Hataraku Maou-sama right from its PV until its very last episode. It took a surprising turn by being one of anime's unforeseeable frontrunner's in a season with a rather weak lineup. I'm not saying that it is the strongest show of the season because it does have its own moments of high and low, but mostly the former. I like how they made every day cliche's funny. Like it can be over the top hilarious but not distasteful. The magical side of the story is entertaining but I prefer its slice-of-life premise every time. You have people working in fast food, call center, then there is the discount shops, the hikikomori, the stalker, all kinds of people with different lifestyles all rolled in to one. I would also like to note that Tokyo, the city itself, is one of the main characters of this anime; every places and establishment portrayed is spot-on, and I like how it became a literal part of the story than just a mere backdrop for them to stand on. 

Speaking of characters, this season is filled with so many interesting MC's (male character's) that are not pathetic, absurd and overly pervy, which is a good thing. They are giving me a hard time whom to choose, but it is obvious to me that Maou Sadao is heading the race for the coveted title of favorite MC. I mean who wouldn't be fascinated with this guy? Once a master of all evil, overthrown from power, tossed to planet Earth and became a fastfood savant: hardworking, honest, nice and a gentleman. What's not to like, right? Then you have Ashiya/Alsiel, the uber loyal general (or waifu), probably the most funniest supporting character to walk on the face of anime, and I think everybody shares the same opinion with regards to this one. He has the perfect comedic timing, everything he says makes you laugh so hard and he's not even trying -- it's just there. With the girls, they are pleasant at times and enjoyable, but they do not hold the same candle with the men. They are more often annoying and their characters lack the same pow and development if you ask me. Even though Urushihara/Lucifer has limited screen time his character cannot be tops by Emi or Chiho. 

I think with Hataraku's success it is pretty much locked that we will be getting a second season. But who knows when. I've read some of its story from online forums and the writers from White Fox did a good job with the interpretation. They did not rush the story or made huge time skips to confuse the viewers. In my opinion, story is always the key for a successful adaptation. If it sucks, no matter how good the animation is it wouldn't be memorable. So I am grateful that they are taking their time to flesh out the story in an unhurried manner. 

So until then Maou and Co. I would be missing each week of hilarity, but I know you'll grace our presence soon. Make it fast. Your faithful viewer, Chin. 

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