MUBI: My Top 10 Auteurs

Just updated my list of favorite auteurs. Here is my top 10 for this year; the below 20 are not ranked in order though. For the first time in years it consisted of different nationalities: Alfred Hitchcock (British), Wong Kar-wai (Taiwanese), Woody Allen/PT Anderson/Billy Wilder (American), Michael Haneke (Austrian), Kieslowkski (Polish), Jean-Luc Godard (Swiss-French), Hayao Miyazaki (Japanese). For a change there are two Asians who made it on my top 10 bracket (Kurosawa, one step closer and you'll be here soon!). It seems my taste, as I am growing older, leans to somber stories and film making, more conversational and substantial in their context, compared to ten years or five years ago. 

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